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We are committed to continuous improvement. We ensure the efficiency of our quality and operations management systems through internal and external auditing. Internal auditing involves a thorough examination of our main processes and the management of environmental issues at least once a year. Support processes are audited at least once in three years. We also put a strong emphasis on the job orientation and training of our employees to ensure that the entire staff is prepared to work safely and adheres to quality standards.  

For us, quality means the provision of professional, friendly and quick service for our customers. We are experts in our field and our products are safe and efficient. By developing and improving the efficiency of our production processes, we ensure our competitiveness now and in the future. Thanks to our continuous investments in production technology, our product range is evolving and expanding. 

Quality certificates

Our objective is to manage the quality aspects of our business comprehensively and systematically. This is done through an efficient operations management system. Our Operations Handbook has been certified according to the ISO 9001 quality standard (original certification 4 December 1992, most recent update on 6 October 2018).

ISO 9001:2015ISO 9001:2015










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Certificate of Pre-Qualification

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UVDB Certificate of Registration

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